Florida Woman working for the department of corrections makes an ass of herself *Video*

We’d honestly hope those working for government agencies like the FDOC would have some professionalism, maturity and at least a vague understanding of the law. In this instance, this (ahem) lady strikes out on all three. This video was taken by a tow truck driver just trying to do his job. How she hoped to improve the situation with her actions is a mystery. This type of behavior we can only hope is not typical of the culture among the staff working for the department of corrections.

Sure it sucks to get your car towed. Yelling racial slurs and losing all semblance of sanity while still being adorned in your government employee uniform is just stupid as fuck. Great PR move lady. I’m sure your coworkers really appreciate you.

Just imagine how she treats prisoners when this is how she acts around free citizens. I’m not gonna lie, the thought is disturbing to Florida Man. I have friends on both sides of the FDOC and this whackjob makes things worse for everyone. Hopefully, she has a good mental health care plan and can get some serious and intensive therapy immediately.


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