Nasty as hell Florida woman smears human feces all over the place at children’s party **Video**

Heather Carpenter was arrested in Sarasota at Urfer Park on Honore. This substitute teacher was upset with the way a complaint was being handled at work so she decided upon this perfectly normal and rational response. The principal’s daughter was having a birthday party and this was her chance to show everyone that she wasn’t going to take their shit anymore. So,, she put on gloves and a mask and smeared human shit all over two grills and seven tables. Now Florida Man would like to remind everyone that this was a grade school birthday party. This woman is a colossal piece of shit.

The tables had to be replaced at a cost of $1,400. The grills each costing $650, were replaced to ensure food safety. The labor for all of this cost $150 and because the pavilion was rented for the day, the money was refunded at a cost of $110. All told, the damage cost Sarasota County $2,310.

Here’s a video to this disgusting story about this loathsome woman.


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